General Policies

We know you're constantly prioritizing and that your schedules are crazy but if you are consistently missing practices or events for that season, you will incur consequences preempted by a warning. We take limited roster positions and rely on attendance to be able to field full teams and provide quality opportunities for everyone. Your teammates will be counting on you - and you on them. At the same time, communicate with us, we're a pretty understanding group.

Gold Coast incurs hard costs associated with the program well in advance of members registration. For this reason, we do not provide refunds for the membership and/or associated fees. In the event of an injury, Gold Coast will provide a credit to a future season or programming. 

We understand that everyone's financial circumstances is different and we never want finances to be the reason an athlete cannot participate in Gold Coast. Please reach out to caitlin@goldcoastlax.com for more information on our Financial Aid Application.


Yes. Gold Coast holds tryouts every Summer for all except for select youth ages. However we reserve the right to accept players throughout the year. If you have missed tryouts, reach out to our staff for more details around teams or additional programming that might be available.

Team selections and placements are determined by the GCLC staff's professional opinion in conjunction with whatever qualified, outside coach or entity we decide to bring in and contract for the selections. These selections are based on but is not limited to the following:

  • Player attitude
  • Athleticism and potential
  • Lacrosse field sense and understanding of the game
  • Work ethic and consistency
  • Coach-ability and the executing direction
  • Skill
  • Positioning

Yes, if you do not attend the committed tournaments, events, and practices respectively you could risk losing your roster spot and rendering yourself ineligible for consideration in the future. Lastly, culture is very important to us. If your behavior or the behavior of your parent is unbecoming of a Gold Coaster, you will be notified via "warning" email as little as one time or a maximum of three times over the course of a season. If a player/parent are removed from a team, no refund will be issued.